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What is a floater?

These are tiny or large, cloudy clumps of gel or cells that appear in an otherwise clear vitreous. They range from being a nuisance that can be ignored to floaters interfering in day to day activities.

In some cases, the floaters absorb by themselves in a few weeks or are small enough not to be a problem. However if they continue to cause a visual problem a laser can be used to get rid of them.

How are floaters treated?

Floaters are treated with laser which is meant to achieve ' functional improvement ' which means this procedure will allow patient to return to normal activities without hindrance of floaters. This laser involves application of laser light to evaporate the floater. This floater is converted to a gas and obliterated. The action of laser beam is only at point of focus. This gives excellent protection for other structures of eye.

It is totally painless, non invasive, OPD procedure with very low complication rate.


Eligibility for floater laser treatment

Laser treatment for floaters is not for everyone. Below question will help you to decide whether you are suitable candidate for this laser.

1. Are you fit for floater laser treatment? (Please tick the boxes applicable to you and click proceed)

You may be eligible for laser treatment of your floater.

2. Please select the options based on your recent eye exam and click proceed.

You seem to be not eligible candidate for floater laser. Please consult your eye doctor regarding the floater treatment.

Facts to be checked before treatment of floaters

Following facts must be checked before treatment of floaters.

Cause of floater

Presence of inflammation / infection in eye

Evidence of glaucoma

Type of floater

Presence of retinal pathology

Presence of multifocal intraocular lens

Position of floater

Presence of corneal pathology

High minus number / Astigmatism

Description of Treatment

Treatment is given step by step

  • Eye checkup for floater
    • General eye checkup (Approx. Half Hour, Cost Rs. 1000)
    • Retina checkup (Approx. One Hour including Dilation, Cost Rs. 500)
    • Laser appointment based on the eligibility.
  • What exactly happens on the day of floater laser?
    • Dilation for an hour
    • Laser for approximately half an  hour
    • Cost approximately Rs. 5,000/- per eye per sitting
    Surgery is painless, non invasive, bloodless and complication rate is  only 0.1%. Follow up next day and again after 45 days. Post laser anti inflammatory drops given. No restriction on activities afterwards.
  • Is insurance cover available for floater laser?
    It is reimbursable to the best of our knowledge. It is already reimbursable in the USA under code number CPT code 67031 (Severing of vitreous strands, vitreous face adhesion's, sheets, membranes or opacities, laser surgery, one or more stages). This laser has been labelled as non significant risk device by the FDA.
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